If you saw a link on Facebook or Twitter today from Hospitality Included today, don’t be alarmed. It is not a glitch, or virus, or a waking dream. It is a link to a brand new comic strip. That’s right! Hospitality Included is back by popular demand. Yes, the popular demand consisted of two Funbar Fans who asked me about nine months ago, “When are you doing the comic strip again?”

In my fractured mind, that is popular demand.

Just to clear up any confusion, Hospitality Included has indeed returned. You lucky people. You can once again follow the exploits of Hoss, Shel, DJ Dre and the rest of the Funbar Crew every Tuesday and Thursday, and the occasional Sunday (for Funbar Theatre).

Why only two to three times a week? The fact is, I burned out. And I burned out fast. Sorry about that. My schedule became very hectic – between my day job and my need to do more than just draw a comic strip every night – I fried my brain.

The other reason for putting Hospitality Included on hold: I purchased a new 3d program in late 2011, and during that time I immersed myself into learning the program. And yes, it took me a year to learn it, and I still need to learn more. However, I did draw up some nice illustration using this new program, and you can view them if you’d like at my graphic design/illustration site at www.lookingtodraw.com.

At any rate, I’m at a point now where I can get back to sharing Hoss and the crew’s adventures with you, with the promise that I will not take so long a break in the future.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you will enjoy future updates of Hospitality Included.

Yours truly,