Hospitality Included, the only online comic strip that features the world-famous Funbar, announces its return on January 3, 2012 with its 250th update.

Following the antics and adventures of Hoss, the head of security for a fictional suburban nightclub, as well as the rest of the Funbar crew, Hospitality Included debuted on November 1, 2010. The January 3 publishing marks the 250th update of the strip.

“Hospitality Included will see new things, and have some changes in 2012,” said the strips creator Michael J. Barnes. “New characters will be introduced, and the Funbar will have a new look. I can’t promise the comedy will be any better, but I’ll keep plugging away at it until somebody at least snickers.”

Along with the new updates, the first piece of Fan Art has been submitted, and will be uploaded to the Funbar Fan Art Gallery this week.

So come by this week and join us at the Funbar. Hospitality Included… intoxicating fun from the safety of your computer.