Last week, Hospitality Included posted the Top 10 Driving Etiquette Mistakes as listed by Well, our favorite lounge host Hoss saw this list and decided to submit his own Top 10 List. Where presented their list as a helpful guide to help men better themselves, Hoss’ list is more of a collection of grievances.

Here’s Hoss’ Top 10 List of Driving Etiquette Mistakes.

10. In a fast food drive-thru, don’t order for your entire office

“There is nothing more aggrevating than having to wait in a drive-thru lane, burning fuel, waiting several minutes while the foodworkers are putting together an order for four or more people. The drive-thru is for those who want to get their food quickly and go. If you are ordering food for your office, or your large family, get off your backside and walk into the restaurant.”

9. “Lane Diving”

“It’s unbe-freakin-lievable how stupid people can be. Hey Dopey, I’m in a big truck and I’m about a car-length or so behind the car in front of me because I need a little room to stop my multi-ton behemoth. If you cut me off you cut down my breaking time and distance. Personally, I have no problem ramming you, but my insurance company may be a bit perturbed.”

8. Not moving all the way over when making a right turn

“If your making a right turn, and there’s room on the right, move your tail over to the curb and don’t slow down traffic. I’m amazed at how many times I see drivers angle themselves halfway over to the right before they make the turn. If there’s no room to move over, I get it, you need to slow down. But dang it, get out of the way if there’s room!”

7. Blasting your music

“Hey, I like my music loud as well – especially while driving – it gets me into a groove. But when I’m listening to my country or classic rock music I don’t want to hear your rap and hip-hop. Just like you wouldn’t to my music while your enjoying yours.”

6. Not using your turn signals

“If I’m waiting to make a left turn, or come into traffic from a parking lot, and your making a turn… use your dang turn signal. Otherwise your making me wait. I’ve got things to do, places to go and people to see, don’t make me wait because you’re a dingleberry. Use your dang turn signals.”

5. Driving too fast in a parking lot

“Slow your tail down. There’s people walking through the lot. If there are kids, geez, your just looking to slam them with your car.”

4. Talking on your phone or texting while you drive

“You can’t multi-task while driving. I can’t count how many times I was nearly sideswiped, or watched other cars get sideswiped, because a driver was talking on a cell or texting.”

3. Driving with your “brights” on

“If the street is well lit, turn off your freakin’ brights. I’m tired of getting blinded because you can figure out that your brights are on.”

2. Driving too slowly

“Especially in the fast lane. If you are driving slower than the flow of traffic, get the heck out of the way. Merge over to the slow lane and let the rest of drive. It’s not our fault you’re too scared to be on the road.”

And Hoss’ Number 1 Driving Etiquette Mistake:
Cutting me off then slowing down

“What the heck is wrong with you? You see me coming up behind you faster than your going, why did you merge and not speed up? It just infuriates me each time that happens. You don’t work for the highway patrol or state police, you have no reason to slow me down, especially when I’m not traveling all that fast to begin with. Again, get the heck out of my way!