You are watching a portion of the World-Famous Funbar’s LOUNGE HOST TRAINING VIDEO in the debut episode of Hospitality Included.

I’ve decided that it’s time to bring up the archives. To relive the Funbar crew’s past. When I say “relive,” what I really mean is revamp.

Now that I am more comfortable with the look and feel of the updates that I have been drawing recently, I have decided to revisit the Funbar of old and rewrite, and redraw, these updates that really need rewriting and redrawing – this includes pretty much all of the first year. I have been re-reading these early days of this fine collection, and I said to myself, “Oh, God. This is crap!”

I heard a great saying recently that basically said: “The best way to gain experience, is to just keep doing it.” Well, I found that that saying was true. I kept writing and drawing new updates of  Hospitality Included. Despite the negative comments, and replies that read “Hospitality Included SUCKS, it’s just not funny” (Yes, that was an actual comment I received early in this webcomic’s history).

Also, someday when I have more than three or four readers, I intend to produce a book or two. I figure, that if I could put my best face forward, I’ll have a greater chance for success.

For those who may be interested in seeing the original panel of #1, here it is:

Hospitality Included original #1

So, here’s the re-do. I’d really like to hear your thoughts about my idea of redrawing and rewriting. Leave me a comment, and let’s discuss.