In today’s ultra-exciting episode of Hospitality Included, The Boss conducts an interview with a potentially new cocktail server. Enjoy.

I had a very nice New Year’s Eve, going to a friend’s home for a small gathering with other friends and acquaintances. We did the usual thing you do during a New Year’s Eve gathering… we ate, we drank, we watched Seacrest on TV so we could watch the ball drop — you know, the standard stuff. At midnight, we did our usual toast with our friend Jack (Daniels). During this gathering, a few of my friends ganged up on me (not literally) suggesting that I needed a make-over. I argued that I am not a make-over kind of guy. However, the main suggestion for the “makeover” was to get a new haircut.

I typically wear my hair a little long, a little shaggy… and have this way since high-school. This was one of my ways to rebel against my folks. When I was a child, my mom would give me a “butch” haircut — in other words, she took the electric clippers to my head leaving just stubble on my head. My head remained that way for years. When she finally stopped, I just let the hair grow out, eventually down to my shoulders. As an adult, I kept my hair long, but usually trimmed above the base of my neck.

The point of this story is this — I usually take my friends suggestions with a grain of salt. Well last night, I took their advise and had my hair chopped. My hair is now “high and tight,” and I actually LIKE IT. I went to a local place I usually go to and my hair was cut by a new girl who just started working there. I told her what I wanted and she went to work.

Haircutters in the past have attempted to engage me in small-talk, but I usually don’t recipricate. Last night was different, for some reason, she and I had a full-conversation, with complete sentences and thought out opinions. It was the best haircutting session I ever had. I really hope I get her again for my next haircut. She was great.

Anyrate, the next time my friends see me, they will see a big difference in my appearance.

Until next week,