Welcome to the first installment of Hospitality Included in 2014. With many more to come throughout the year.

I told myself when I first started this webcomic, that I would always be honest with my readers. The truth is, I darn near hung it all up. I had no new material written. I was uninspired to create any new material. I really felt that I was wasting my time do this strip — and I know many who would agree with that. Feedback was low. This site receives very little interaction in the “comments” sections (with the exception of spam). I was feeling very LOW.

But then something very cool happened. I actually received several emails from readers asking when Hospitality Included would start up again. During the holidays, my Twitter page picked up more followers. And finally, on New Years Day (during a Rose Bowl party), my friends teenage son approached me asking about this strip. And despite my arguments he told me that it was funny. He’s a good kid.

SO WE’RE BACK. Despite my critics objections. I hope you enjoy.