Funbar Theatre to present a very special holiday performanceThe Funbar’s “Not Ready For Online Players” are coming back for a special holiday performance this Sunday (Dec. 18) in the Funbar Theatre, just in time for Christmas.

For those of you who are new to the Funbar, on selected Sundays the Funbar Theatre presents theatrical performances based on familiar, and not so familiar jokes, stories, and such. This Sunday, the presentation will be geared to holiday shopping.

The “Not Ready For Online Players” consists of Funbar crewmembers, including your favorites such as Hoss, Shel, Bartender Tommy, D.J. Dre, Lounge Host Alfred, The Boss, and whoever else who can be scrounged up to play a part.

So join us this Sunday at the Funbar Theatre ( A good time will be had by all.