Although it isn’t really breaking new, it should be noted that Hospitality Included is on Twitter. In my attempt to reach out to as many people as possible and get them to like my comic strip, I’ve added Twitter to my promotion campaigns.

With Twitter, I can make announcements with less that 140 characters, which is good because I can be easily distracted (especially by shiny objects). But I can also post images on Twitter affiliates like YFrog, so hopefully I have been able to tap into a whole new market.

Also, because Hospitality Included is on Twitter, I have my own daily online newspaper called the Hospitality Included Daily. This paper includes announcements from posters that I follow including Craig Ferguson, Eddie Izzard, and Bob Saget, but also posts my comic strip, so I can say that my comic strip is published in a newspaper.

But finally, as a bonus, I am able to keep track of the Killer Scone. Last week I tweeted that I was at Starbucks with a Killer Scone. Well, unfortunately, it escaped and is on the loose. If you have spotted the Killer Scone please tweet me @hospitalityincl. Better yet, if you have a photo of the Killer Scone, please email me at [email protected].

To follow Hospitality Included on Twitter go to Currently there are two followers on my Twitter page. I did have three, but I think I scared him off with the Killer Scone.