The FunBar.

Hospitality Included is a webcomic about the crew and patrons that work and play in the FunBar, a fictional suburban nightclub. The FunBar is a fully staffed and equipped nightclub with a large horseshoe-shaped bar, dance floor, restaurant, as well as several rooms and lounges. One of the features of the FunBar is the famous FunBar Theatre, where the FunBar crew will present a performance at least once per month. When not in use, the FunBar Theatre is utilized as either a concert hall or conference room. The FunBar is open seven days a week, and there’s never a cover charge. The FunBar crew insures that a good time will be had by all.

Hospitality Included is the FunBar’s motto. The FunBar crew vows to provide the highest level of hospitality available while you are a guest. Looks good on paper, what really happens, well that’s another story.


Hoss -- Head Lounge Host.HOSS – FunBar Head Lounge Host.

Hoss is the lead lounge host for the FunBar. Which means he’s in charge of security. Hoss is a sweet, sarcastic, oversized man who enjoys throwing people out of the FunBar, finding new ways to throw people out of the FunBar, flirting with the female patrons who come to the FunBar, watching football on T.V. and drinking beer (not necessarily in that order).

As a child, Hoss had a penchant for throwing things: rocks, balls, chairs, and allegedly other children. He has taken that skill to new heights when he joined the FunBar crew.

Hoss has many interests and include reading, playing video games, and chillaxin’ by the pool with a beer in each hand. Yes, Hoss does read. His favorite book of all time is Real Men Don’t Eat Quiche. At times he follows the teachings in this book. However, the fact is, Hoss really doesn’t like the taste of quiche.

Hoss’ main ambition is to find new ways to antagonize The Boss. He usually does this by breaking the company’s rules when it comes to the treatment of customers.

Shel — Cocktail Server Extraordinaire.

Shel is the lead cocktail server at the FunBar. She’s a petite, shapely, blond beauty who uses her sex appeal to garner large tips. Shel likes the high life. She enjoys expensive dinners, fast cars, and chic locations on her nights off.

Shel is the first to call on Hoss, or the nearest Lounge Host quickly, when she needs a patron or two ejected. Usually for lack of tipping.

Shel has become good friends with Hoss. They are often seen together outside the FunBar. Although many have speculated a possible relationship, the fact is that they are share a purely platonic friendship. Bottom-line: Hoss just doesn’t make enough money to be in a relationship with Shel.

Alfred — FunBar Lounge Host

Alfred is a Lounge Host at the FunBar, and Hoss’ right-hand-man. A former Marine, Alfred is also training to be a police officer.

A rather quiet character, it turns out that he enjoys ejecting customers almost as much as Hoss does.

Alfred enjoys watching football, drinking beer, and shooting his guns (typically at a shooting range). He typically dates “larger” women because he recognizes that he his a large man himself.

You will typically see Alfred by Hoss’ side in the FunBar. He sees that his job his to support his boss in all things. Outside the FunBar, not so much.

The Boss — FunBar Manager

Short in stature, but big in bossitude, The Boss is the well-liked and highly-respected manager of the FunBar.

Being the manager has its benefits and its shortfalls. One of the shortfalls, is having to occasionally keep an eye on Hoss, as he needs to keep Hoss from tormenting the club’s guests.

Not only is The Boss the manager, he is also the owner of the FunBar. He is only interested in profit and keeping costs down. His management style is “not hands-on.” He prefers that his department heads run things while he sits back and takes in the cash.


D.J. Dre – The FunBar Music Mix Master

D.J. Dre is the FunBar’s Entertainment Coordinator, and also Hoss’ best friend and roommate.

Hoss and D.J. Dre have been friends since high school, and have shared many adventures together over the years. The two have been seen often hanging out together, at bars, clubs, sides of buildings.

Although Hoss and DJ Dre are the best of friends, they often will play pranks and practical jokes on each other which ends up keeping them always on their toes.

He is a very “entertaining” individual, who really enjoys “the Ladies.” His ultimate goal is to eventually become the host on American Idol.

“D.J. Dre… GONE!”

TOMMY – FunBar Bartender and Mixologist

Tommy is the FunBar’s head bartender and a master of mixology.

A former professional surfer, Tommy turned to bartending when he retired. However, you can still see him down at the beach catching waves from time to time.

Tommy is the ultimate straight man. He has no gene for joke-telling, even though he tries to tell one from time to time, he can never get the punchline right.

His talent lies behind the bar. He can actually run circles around Tom Cruise in Cocktail with his “flaring” expertise.


Jim – FunBar Regular Customer

Not much is really known about Jim, except that he comes in every night and drinks a beer or two, and occasionally a has a shot of whiskey.

He usually comes in with his friend, Johnny. He’s cordial, friendly with the FunBar Crew, but rarely speaks to anyone else. He just comes in to drink, watch sports on TV, and just watch people.

Some have speculated that Jim might be a former “bouncer,” but others have indicated he might have been a Navy Seal. Although he will never tell.

Johnny – Another FunBar Regular

Johnny is Jim’s best friend. The two of them regularly meet nightly at the FunBar to share a drink or two (or three or four).

Johnny thinks he’s a womanizer, and is always looking to score a new friendship with a female FunBar customer.

Johnny is a bit hyperactive, and can never stay still for any long period of time.