Hoss - Lead Lounge Host

Hoss is the lead lounge host for the FunBar. Which means he’s in charge of security. Hoss is a sweet, sarcastic, oversized man who enjoys throwing people out of the FunBar, finding new ways to throw people out of the FunBar, flirting with the female patrons who come to the FunBar, watching football on T.V. and drinking beer (not necessarily in that order).

As a child, Hoss had a penchant for throwing things: rocks, balls, chairs, and allegedly other children. He has taken that skill to new heights when he joined the FunBar crew.

Hoss’ main ambition is to find new ways to antagonize The Boss. He usually does this by breaking the company’s rules when it comes to the treatment of customers.

Hoss is the main character in Hospitality Included the new webcomic by Michael J. Barnes, which debuts on November 1, 2010. To see Hoss’ antics, and those of the rest of the FunBar crew, log in at www.hospitalityincluded.com.